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Hi there, my name is James, proud owner of CFB Meats. I take absolute pride in providing my valued customers with the finest selection of grass-fed, hormone-free, and free-range meats sourced from award-winning sustainable farms. I believe that when it comes to food, quality matters, and that's why I go the extra mile to ensure that every product I offer meets the highest standards of excellence.​I understand that choosing the right source for your meats is not just about taste and nutrition, but also about the well-being of the animals and the environment. That's why I've always carefully selected my suppliers, partnering only with farms that share my commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.


My products come from animals raised in natural, open pastures, where they are allowed to roam freely and graze on nutrient-rich grasses. By opting for grass-fed meats, I am able to not only provide you with healthier and more flavourful options but also support environmentally friendly farming methods.​I take my responsibility seriously when it comes to sourcing the best produce for our customers. I believe that by supporting local agriculture, we contribute to the sustainability of our communities and help promote a healthier food system.When you choose CFB Meats, you can rest assured that every product you purchase has been carefully curated to exceed your expectations. I believe in transparency, and we are proud to provide you with detailed information about the origins of our products.


We want you to have complete confidence in the food you consume, knowing that it has been responsibly sourced and delivered to your table with care.​Thank you for choosing CFB Meats. We look forward to serving you and providing you with an exceptional culinary experience that celebrates the finest quality, sustainability, and the joy of good food.


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