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We're not just a butcher, we feed athletes with our products.

We're proud of our meat and very proud of the product we sell..


So we've gone to the extent of bringing on board experts who:

- specialise in protein

- provide expert dietary information to athletes upwards to the national level

- those work and consult with dieticians

- and also those who specialise in the numbers of food across multiple industries.


We want to show you just how high quality our products are and therefore we've done the work and the research, so you don't have to.


If you are one of our treasured Meal Prep Meat Pack clients, this table is the perfect guide for protein accuracy for your diet plans and protein meals. If you're looking to find out the exact amount of protein you need per meal, and are wanting to customise just for you, please go to our members page and use the protein calculator to create your meal prep meat packs for the week.

Click here so we can send you the macros in our meat.


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